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19th-Sep-2013 09:04 pm(no subject)
kaylee parasol
Title: I Don't Think That I Can Take It
Author: perletwo
Charachters: Angel and Cordelia
Genre: Drabble, friendship
Words: 100
Rating: G
Prompt: Cake
Disclaimer: Not mine, just on loan from God Joss.
Notes: Set in the early days of Angel: The Series.

"Cordy, you've got to get this filing caught up before it becomes a paper monster and eats the office."

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "Jeez, chill, big guy. I gotta work on learning my part for this acting gig."

Angel drummed his fingers on the desk. "The gig is ten words in a 30-second commercial."

"That doesn't mean it's not important! I have to get this right!"

"Don't make me break out the big guns, Cordelia." His brows dropped into a glower.

"What? NO. Oh no. BOSS -"


Cordy covered her ears. "Okay, okay!"
27th-Jul-2013 04:43 pm - w00t!
bean blur
 photo 2-Perletwo-2.jpg

Here's the icon for snurching if any Sean fans want it:

 photo perletwo_bean_06_1.gif

Just credit perletwo or perletwo-ljcozy and drop me a comment to let me know you're snurching. :D
1st-Jul-2013 10:25 pm - Trope Bingo card round 2
kaylee parasol
au: fairy tale / myth au: fantasy unrequited love / pining trapped in a dream twenty-four hours to live
forbidden fruit matchmaker coming out (of the closet) au: fusion fake relationship
hurt / comfort mind games FREE

deathfic au: historical
secret twin / doppelganger locked in telepathy / mindmeld au: alternate professions sex pollen
unexpected friendship au: crossover language and translation futurefic au: apocalypse
4th-May-2013 02:09 am(no subject)
kaylee parasol

Banner by everythingshiny

Introducing Round 2 of the Avengers Reverse Big Bang!

Artist sign-ups open Friday, May 3rd at avengers_rbb!

Art formats welcome: drawing, digital, manips, podfics, fanmixes, videos

Signed up, got my first art piece done already. ♥
1st-May-2013 11:47 am - w00t! I made my BINGO!
kaylee parasol
Round one at trope_bingo just closed today, and I got my single-line bingo in just in time!

During Amnesty the mods have put up some community mini-cards to keep the creative juices flowing. I grabbed one of the Smut ones, though I'm not necessarily going to do smutty fics for the prompts. Here's the card:

poker / strip poker au: bdsm fake relationship
cross-dressing group / team sex sex pollen
soul bonding / soulmates virgin!fic / secretly a virgin "Thank god were alive"

Fun fun fun!
cuppa tea
Snagged from kellifer_fic.

1. What's making you happy in one of your fandoms right now?
2. What's making you happy in your personal life right now?
3. What's making you happy in your work/academic life right now?
4. Name one celebrity crush.
5. Name one food you currently enjoy.
6. Name one kind of fic that always makes you happy.
7. Name one pairing that historically makes you happy.
8. Be randomly happy.

Answers under hereCollapse )
11th-Jan-2013 05:17 pm(no subject)
I am a writer - Robertson Davies
Welp, seems I'm now entered at trope_bingo.

truth or dare poker/strip poker bodyswap au: space huddle for warmth
immortality / reincarnation curtainfic food porn au: steampunk fuck or die
au: all-human time travel FREE

game night snowed in
genderswap celebratory kiss au: fantasy de-aged soul bonding / soulmates
in vino veritas / drunkfic presumed dead virginfic / secretly a virgin forced to marry au: cop / detective

Time to get cracking, I guess.....
29th-Sep-2012 12:33 am - Fic exchange!
clint and coulson

I've signed up. How 'bout you guys?
25th-Sep-2012 11:31 pm - 42!
Birthdays, that is, as of today. And the fam came through bigtime with the prezzies, even though our lives have pretty much gone to sh#t and turned us all into invalids of late.

Pics, anyone?
My first attempt at a Tumblr-suitable picset. Be gentle!Collapse )
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